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Haven’s Peak Highland Resort Davao

Tarago Hills, Maragusan Comval Province Philippines
Maragusan, Davao
2:00 PM
12:00 PM
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High Season
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Peak Season
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Davao Hotel Overview

Haven's Peak Highland Resort is a mountain resort stationed in the summit of Maragusan, Davao City. It takes 208 steps before you witness the dazzling view of the place. Do you know that it's the only place where you can find the world's largest flower, the Rafflesia Mira! Interesting right?

The climate of the resort is similar to Baguio since it is situated in mountain. The breathtaking sunset viewing and the freezing fog are just one of the fascinating things that you will experience in the resort. For inquiries of any Davao packages just call the WOW Philippines Travel Agency and we will adhere your inquiry immediately.


There are lot of variety of rooms that the resort is offering to the guests but it all depends upon their preference. Its either they want to stay in the Tribal Huts or they just want to stay on the tent.

Ifugao House - Whose style is inspired by the house of Ifugaos which is surrounded by flowers that makes the place more colder. The Ifugao hut offers one (1) double bed and one (1) single bed. It also has a television. No need for air conditioning because the place is already cold.

The Mansaka House - Derived from the Mansaka tribe that is found in the City of Davao. The house is made of wood that makes the house comfortable to sleep. The room contains two (2) single bed.

The Bagobo House - The bagobo tribe is believed to be the one who brings Hinduism in Mindanao. The house is huge and it has a beautiful living room overlooking the whole City of Maragusan feeling like you are in the top of the world.

The Dormitory - Enough for ancient style, here comes the modern style dormitory that can accommodate 50 guests. Bringing all of your family members may do because the room can hold 6 guests.

Tents - Aside from the houses that they are offering, they also have tents with bedding for those who are interested.

Function hall

Ideal for celebrating birthdays, weddings and any other special occasions. Make it more special by holding those celebration in this very rare function hall.

Terazza Adella

Good place for drinking coffee in the kind of climate that the resort have and perfect for chitchatting with friends and family.

The Pool

Take a deep breath as you slowly bathe your body to the freezing water of the pool. It really relaxes your mind, ease your heart and feel the silence for the moment, it really feels good!

Lantaw Barbecue and Seafood Grill House

The seafood grill house offers the guests a variety of recipes that is surely delicious and appetizing. They have their own way of making the seafood more exciting to eat. Barbecue is one of the Filipino's favorite food that is why it is served in every place in Davao but the resort has its secret recipe on the that make it more special than others.

The Mini Bar

Every one loves to drink. Indulge yourself by meeting the people in the resort and have some fun. You are already in Haven's Peak Highland Resort so make the most out of it.

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