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Davao City, Mindanao Island, The Philippines

Davao Philippines Island MapLocated just 588 miles to the southwest from Manila is the beautiful city of Davao, which is situated on the southeastern part of Mindanao Island. Davao is noted for many wonderful features, especially “Mount Apo” which provides the highest mountain peak in the Philippines. Mount Apo is set at the southwestern tip of Davao City.

Travel Safely

Many foreign and Filipino tourist alike ask us about the safety of traveling to Davao, and the question is, is it safe to travel there? The short answer is yes, as Davao City is a home to many foreigners from countries like the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, France, Italy and many other places.

However, like traveling to any foreign country there are risk, however these risk can be minimized and in some cases totally eliminated just by following the guidance of your local embassy. However Davao has a very low crime rate, and there is something to be said for this, as its the largest city in the Philippines, yes it's larger than Manila.

Here at WOW Philippines Travel Agency we have been providing hotel and tour packages to Davao since 2005, and as of 2013 we have not had any of our clients report any issues of any kind, in fact it has always been quite the opposite, with our guest giving raving reviews of Davao and the wonderful people who live there.

Mount Apo

When traveling to Davao you should definitely visit the Mount Apo National Park, you will be impressed with the fantastic landscapes, as-well-as the abundance of flora and fauna that thrives in this protected area. Many tourist are impressed to learn that back in May of 1936 then Manuel Quezon President of the Philippines by order of proclamation 59 ordered this area protected, so that future generations would have a chance to enjoy the abundance of natural beauty that fills this area.


Davao is also known for it's large forest area, which is truly massive. On the outside of the forest area you will find a large abundance of agriculture, which is the main economic sector, with it's large plantations that produce valuable products such as bananas, pineapples, coffee and coconuts. 

You will also find some wonderful tasting fruits here in Mindanao, for example growing in abundance are the mangosteen, a purple colored fruit which is sweet and somewhat tangy and quite juicy, and very delicious. 

Also found here is the Durian, known to the locals as the “King of Fruits”, the durian emits a distinctive odor that is very strong, in fact many establishments forbid the bringing of durian into their places, this includes many hotels in Davao. The durian fruit has a fleshy yellow to red edible part that is really quite delicious, however the smell is really something else.


Many tourist are totally unaware that Davao has one of the Philippines most beautiful tropical Rain Forest that provides this area with very little in the way of seasonal variation in temperature, with mostly a consistent temperature of around 78 degrees Fahrenheit and an average rainfall of around 3 inches. For these reasons so many tourist love visiting Davao, due to this wonderful tropical climate there really is no “true dry season”, like what is found on other Philippines Islands.

Flora and Fauna

Tourist in general and for certain photography enthusiast truly appreciate the beautiful flora and fauna found here at Mount Apo near to Davao City. Most tourist are thrilled when they find out that this area is home to over 270 species of birds, with over 110 of these being endemic to this impressive vacation destination.

Mindanao is also home to one of the worlds larges eagles which is critically endangered, this is the majestic Philippine Eagle, the country's national bird.

Foreign Influence

As you will see in most cities across the Philippines Islands Christians also predominate here in Davao City. The landscape here is dotted with everything from small chapels to large Christian Churches, as-well-as temples, mosques and other places of worship.

Davao Chinatown is the main area where you will find the largest population of Chinese in Mindanao. In fact Davao Chinatown is the largest know Chinatown District in the world, and is the only Chinatown outside the city of Manila located on the island of Luzon.


For tourist who may enjoy learning more about the history of Davao, there area number of places here in Davao City that are worth a visit, these historical places include the Davao Museum, Davaoeno Historical Society Museum, Mindanao Folk Arts Museum and the Philippine-Japan Museum. There is also a wonderful Japanese historical site called the Japanese Tunnel, which was used steadily by the Japanese soldiers during the second World War.


When you are visiting Davao in Mindanao be sure to enjoy some of these wonderful tourist attractions, many of which help to support the critically endangered species, they need our support. Popular tourist destinations include the popular Philippine Eagle Foundation, Davao Crocodile Farm, Mount Apo and the beautiful Pearl Farm Resort. 

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