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Mount Apo National Park

The Mount Apo National Park presents a challenging but gratifying experience as you get the opportunity to discover and have a close encounter with nature. But the most popular activity in the park is conquering Mt. Apo, the highest and most majestic mountain in the Philippines. It is located between the city of Davao and the provinces of Davao Del Sur and Cotabato. The famous climbing destination can be reached for at least two days. There are two main trails, the Kidapawan Trail which is on the side of Cotabato that features forested trails and shallow rivers, the other one is the Kapatagan Trail which is on the side of Davao, this trail is much more tougher but compared to the former this has a volcanic terrain. Mountaineers from all over the world visits the mountain with an expectation of reaching the summit and experiencing the most beautiful sunset you can ever see in your life. It does not matter if you are a first-time climber or an experienced one, the climb will definitely be an ultimate adventure.

While in the Mount Apo National Park, venture through the mossy rainforest that is rich with natural attractions like mountain lakes and waterfalls. There are thousands of threatened, endemic and rare species of flora and fauna found in the national park. One of the well-known inhabitant of the area is the Philippine Eagle. It is considered as the Philippine National Bird. This rare and endangered bird boasts a wingspan of two-meters making it one of the largest bird of prey found in the whole world. The bird thrives in the tall tropical trees surrounding the national park.

Mount Apo National Park is a protected area which is under Republic Act 7586. The national park serves to protect and conserve nature and wildlife. There is an intensive effort to preserve the national park as it struggles with climate change and the destruction of habitats. There is also a constant demand to maintain and clean the pathways where climbers usually hike.

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